Real Life Retirement: what real people are doing after age 55


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Today's Top 5 Topics:

1 How to earn money in the "gig" economy.

2. How to use a Bucket List to plan your retirement.

3.  Moving to Arizona, Florida or Nevada?  Learn what you must  know before retiring to the  Sunbelt.

4. What you should know about annuities.

5. Travel jobs for retirees.

disney hall los angeles

Think you can't afford a California vacation? Think again!  We have suggestions to reduce your hotel costs significantly. Above, Disney Hall in Los Angeles.

Plan your next 20 years

If you are 65 and in reasonably good health the chances are excellent that you will live to at least age 85.  So what do you plan to do with the next 20 years?  Have fun?  Be bored?

On this site you will learn from the real life experiences of retired people about what to do in those 20 years to make the most of them--and what to avoid.  Their names have been changed, the stories are real.

dominican republic beach market
A tropical getaway seems to be on every retiree's Bucket List. We have ideas about living and working at great destinations.  Above, a Caribbean beach market.

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