Real Life Retirement:  what real people are doing after age 55
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 So much we'd love to little time.

Real Life Retirement is an outgrowth of the real experiences of myself, my friends and acquaintances all of whom have now left a primary career--but none of us have simply stopped working.  We are resourceful people who believe that fun and money and good health should go hand in hand at all ages.  

This site is also an outgrowth of a lot of misperceptions and false images of what "retiring" really is.  The idea so often presented is that retirees sit in the sun or in front of the Tube, take daily walks,  do a little volunteer work or maybe play around with a hobby and visit the grandchildren from time to time.   All good things--but there can be so much more.

Instead, we define "retirement" as leaving one's primary career.  What follows is the beginning of a new 20+ year long phase of life, one that can include personal growth, new ideas, new work and exploration of the world--quite often free from heavy financial responsibilities.  Lately, however, more and more retirees are returning to work and we have many suggestions for them.  We also have inexpensive travel ideas and ways to combat boredom.

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Carol Lightwood, the Publisher/Editor of Real Life Retirement worked as a financial writer for over 30 years.  Now retired, she has written 2 practical guides for retirees and 4 works of fiction under the name of Annie Carroll. 



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