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Earn extra money working as a 'gigster'

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There is one company, however, that screens the people/companies who are looking for part time workers: it is While the jobs offered on the site are not necessarily short term gigs, many are limited time assignments that you can actually do from your home. Payment is oftentimes not much more than minimum wage, but it can be worth your while if doing support staff work from home is important to you.

Now for some full disclosure. In 1986 I walked away from a high pressure job as the Vice President, Creative Director of the world's largest international ad agency. For the next 20 years I worked as a freelance writer and made a very good living, one assignment at a time. It was a great way to earn money and I had lots of time to travel! I thought of myself as being a freelance. These days I think I'd call myself a 'gigster'.

Today, there are websites devoted to connecting freelancers--writers, programmers, designers, illustrators, architects, even customer service--with small businesses that need specific tasks done.  The best-known one is (also known as Upworks) and there are tens of thousands of assignments waiting to be filled. One of the nice things about this site is that, for their fee, they handle all payments so you do not have to worry about late payments or tracking down the accounts payable department at the company you did the assignment for.

Another resource for freelance assignments is  In many ways it is similar to Elance. A nice bonus is that other people with the same skills you have post the prices they charge as well as the services they offer. This can help you set the price you will charge.

Now for one more resource for interesting short terms jobs for retirees or semi-retirees.  It is a website called  They began listing jobs for National Parks, dude ranches,  outdoor expeditions, and other "cool" jobs.  They now have a special section entitled "Older and Bolder" for people who are semi-retired or retired.  Better yet, you can search for jobs by season, as well as location or type of work, so if you want a winter job away from snow, or a summer job near a lake, you can find it on this very cool site.  (One of my favorites!)

Also take a look at the jobs you will find on our self-employment pages.

NOTE:  All names on this site have been changed to protect individual privacy.  The stories are real, the names are not. 

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