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Fun and Unusual Sources of Extra Cash for Retirees

"Okay," you say.  "I want to do something completely different to earn some extra cash for walking-around-money after I'm retired.   Something fun.  Something I can do off and on."  Well, you have found the right place.  We know someone doing every single job listed below to pick up some extra cash now that they are retired.  Virtually all of them had high profile business careers before retirement.  And almost all these 10 suggestions are  based on hobbies or personal interests.

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(If you are looking for a more substantial income after retirement, we have very different advice for you on our Best Retiree Job page)

4.  Handyman.  This is only fun if you are a handy person like Bob is.  After years of being a top salesman for a printing company, he retired to a small northern California city.  He had always enjoyed doing maintenance on his personal home and investment properties.  All it took was getting some business cards that offered his services as a handyman.  He  posted the business cards on bulletin boards in various locations around town--coffee houses, grocery stores, etc.  Soon he had plenty of work, much of it for women who, like him, were single.  It has turned out to be good for his bank account, great for his social life!

5.  Children's Book Maker.  Liz, over 80 years old, was for decades the bookkeeper for her husband's successful automotive business.  After her husband retired, then passed away, she began to use her sewing talents.  At first she made small quilts and cute aprons for little children which she sold in a local open air market and in some children's stores.  Then she added machine washable books for infants and toddlers which she sewed from pre-printed fabric, readily available in fabric stores.  Suddenly her weekly income doubled!  It meant more money for her to spend on her grandsons.

6.  Waffle Makers.  Ed and Mary, with no background whatsoever in the food or restaurant industry,  bought a commercial waffle maker and began making and selling Belgian waffles at their local farmers' market on Saturday mornings.  The toppings are a few syrups, powdered sugar, whipped cream and the fruit-of-the-season.  It is both fun and a solid money maker for them.  They live in an area where the farmers' market operates only during summer months, so this is definitely part time work.  In some areas of the country, farmers' markets run year round.   If you want to do this, check  local health department regulations as well as business licenses needed.  Also check with your local farmers' market: some have waiting lists. 

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NOTE:  All names on this site have been changed to protect individual privacy.  The stories are real, the names are not. 

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