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Why Google is an online publisher's best friend

NOTE:  This information is based on my years of experience as a website developer using both Google's Adsense and Adwords.   I suggest that you always read all authorized information Google puts on its site about its specific products and services.

Google is the largest, most utilized search engine on the planet.   More people go to Google daily than to any other search engine, which means that Google refers more people to websites than any other company--except possibly Facebook.  So Google can help a new online publisher in two ways:  referring visitors to your online publication and providing ads. 

Building traffic to your new online magazine

As a new website publisher, one of your biggest challenges will be to build readership.  Your friends and family may visit your site--maybe even friends of friends will take a look.  So that's a start.  

However, you need hundreds--even thousands--of eyeballs at your new online publication every day before you can really make any money. 

The best way to build readership is to begin by building a great website, full of quality information and lots of photos with captions. 

This is where Google comes in.

Google's robot, a complex algorithmic program, constantly searches the internet to find new websites and update ones they already have listed.  In a flash, the robot takes an inventory of what you have written and what photos you have published on your website.  Then adds your site and the photos to the Google listings.  

Then when someone searches for the topic you are writing about, your site will appear on the search results pages.  The higher the link to your online magazine content appears on a search results page, the more visitors it will receive.  (Better yet, the more visitors your site receives, the higher it will climb up the listings toward the top of the page!  And being #1 on a page is always the goal.  For information about improving your website's ranking, go here)

To help build readership you can also conduct a PR campaign for your new website--contacting magazines, newspapers and broadcast stations.  You can also promote your new online magazine with a Facebook page or on Twitter.   

Many publishers just starting out also sign up for Google's Adwords, paying to advertise their websites on Google.  Yahoo and Bing and other search engines also have advertising programs.  These ad plans can be surprisingly inexpensive. 

Pay per click advertising leads to profits 

Now to make money from your new online publication you can personally sell advertising.  It is, however,  very time consuming--calling on various businesses to find out if they want to advertise on the site.  Instead, you can sign up for Google's Adsense and instantly have those small 4 line text ads appear on your new website.  

Then, every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads you get paid a few cents or a few dollars.  Well, you get paid when the total amount is $100 or more, which in the beginning may take a while.  This is why you want to have a very large readership for your online publication.  The more readers, the more potential clicks.

You may also allow image ads--the bigger ones with pictures and colors--on your website.  For those ads you receive payment when a certain number of people view the ads--rather than when people click on an ad.  Again, the more readers, the more you earn.

And don't even think about clicking on the ads on your own website:  Google will cut you off in a flash.  They can tell when the site owner is clicking on the ads.  And there is no recourse.  Once you're out, you're out.  

And you don't want to be out with Google.  You want to be its best friend.

For information about using Twitter to increase your audience, go here.

For how to make money selling stuff online, go here.

For information about publishing using a blog, go here.  

NOTE:  All names on this site have been changed to protect individual privacy. 
The stories are real, the names are not. 

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