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Three Great Jobs for Retirees 

Becoming an instructor, teacher or professor using your current skill set is easily one of the fastest ways to continue to earn money after retirement.  (Freelance and consulting work is also an option which we discuss on another page.)

Online Professor.  If you have a Masters degree or PhD in your field, the online  colleges want to hear from you.   Online education is a rapidly expanding field and they are looking for qualified instructors.   Teaching online means you have to be at your computer at a specific time for the class.  (Of course, you and your computer can be anywhere on the planet these days!)  You also will be expected to handle online follow-up with your students.  

No Degree?  If you have specific business or trade experience, but no Masters or PhD, the online colleges may also be interested in having you become an instructor in your field.  In some fields, your real life experience counts more than the degree at many online colleges.    

Have Trade, Technical  or Craft Skills?  There is a resurgence of interest in the trades and crafts as reflected in the growing number of trade and tech schools.  If your skill set matches their needs they would like to talk with you about teaching. 

Health Care Background?  There is a high demand for instructors for classes for people looking to enter the health care field at entry level, such as medical assistant, pharmacy assistant, etc.

More retirement jobs:

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If you are looking for part time work to pick up some extra cash or pocket money, we have different suggestions for you.

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