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Entrepreneurial financial work for retirees 

If you have mathematical ability and proficiency with computers, you can become a entrepreneurial retiree -- owning your own small business where you control how much work you do and still have free time for yourself.

  Small Business Bookkeeper. 
Your background in bookkeeping or accounting opens the door to this.  All it takes is a professional accounting program for the work, plus  business cards, some phone calls and attendance at your local Chamber of Commerce meetings to meet potential new clients.  Obviously, you can do as much work or as little as you choose--depending upon how many clients you decide to take on

Tax Preparer. 
This is definitely seasonal work.   Even if  you were not employed in accounting before you retired, the big Tax Preparation companies will train you with the classes they offer every year.  Call the national tax preparation companies, such as H&R Block, for more details about their training.  There is a fee for their classes.
Important Note:  As more and more companies offer free tax preparation service, this type of work may be less available today.

A Real Life Retirement:

Approaching retirement, Jim, an engineer in his sixties, took the classes from a major tax preparation company and worked for them part time during one tax season.  The next year he set up his own small tax preparation business simply by word of mouth.  He didn't even bother to get business cards! 


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More retirement jobs:

Work as a consultant or freelance       Teach at college, tech school, university

Teach adults or children                           Two jobs in real estate

If you are looking for part time work simply to pick up some extra cash or pocket money, we have different suggestions for you.

NOTE:  All names on this site have been changed to protect individual privacy.  The stories are real, the names are not. 

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