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Making Money Publishing Information Online

There are two ways to make money on the internet:

1. Publish information online

2. Sell stuff (For more about selling merchandise online, go here.)

You may not realize it, but you know things that other people don't know.  It may be the best cafes in your area or how to build birdhouses or best techniques for bass fishing or whatever.  Using this information you can publish on a website or a blog and--voilà!--you are an online magazine publisher.  And the secret to making money as an online internet publisher:  specialize in a narrow topic, preferably one that few other people are writing about.

It could be some off-the-beaten-path tourist sites in your area. Or maybe it is gardening tips for your particular climate zone or your city.   Or perhaps you are interested in reporting on local politics or sporting activities. 

Whatever it is, you can publish that information online and make some extra money doing it.  

So where does the money come from?  From advertising that appears on your informational website.  Usually this is "pay-per-click" advertising.

How to set up your online publishing business

So let's start at the beginning.  These are the steps for setting up an informational  online publishing website.

1. Get a url from a website registrar, such as My Domain or Go Daddy.  Your "url", your online address, is the name of your website.  Urls are cheap: $7 to $15 a year.  Select your online name carefully.   Make sure it relates to what you will be writing about on your website.   If you can make it clever or memorable, all the better.

2.  Next, either use a pre-designed website, available through many online companies, including, no doubt, your website registrar.  Or you can develop the website yourself with a website design program, such as Dreamweaver or Expression.  You could also pay someone else to design your site, but it is going to cost a lot--maybe more than you will earn in a year.

3.  To be really successful as an online information publisher you will need to produce a big website.  Lots and lots of pages will give you space for lots and lots of ads.  So as you are developing the website, put one topic on each page. 

4.  Include photos wherever you can and rename them.  Make sure all your photos are identified in English--not the codes that your camera automatically attaches to your photos.  The reason for this is that the Google search robot can read English and understand what the photo is--if it is in English.  And, believe me, you want Google to love your website and all the photos on it and include them on its search engine!  (For information about why Google is a new website's best friend, go here.)

5. Then publish your new website.  You will have to arrange for hosting service for this.  Your registrar may offer hosting service.  "Hosting" is renting space on a company's server where you website can live, so to speak, and be available to the whole world 24 hours a day.  Hosting is quite cheap these days.

6.  Go to Google and sign up for Adsense. It's free.  Google will give you html coding to put on your website which will generate ads on a page every time a visitor shows up.  There are other companies, such as Chikita, that will also provide ads to you.  Be sure to read all the details about Adsense.  If you break Google's rules--for example by clicking on ads on your own website-- they will cut you off in a flash with no recourse. You can also sell ads locally if you wish and earn additional revenue.

7.  Once your website is published, submit your url to Google.  All the other search engines will find your website within a few days or weeks, but Google is the most important.  Search engines are all important:  they will direct traffic to your website, especially if your site is highly ranked.  "Ranking" is how high your site appears on the pages when someone searches for the topic you are writing about.  The closer to the top of the page, the better.  (For more about building traffic to your website, go here.)

8.  Update your informational magazine website regularly.  Add pages.  Add photos.  Add captions for all your photos.  Make sure it is easy for visitors to find their way around your site and access all the information.  Keep in mind that you are now a journalist publishing "news" and people want their news to be new and interesting!

9. Use Twitter to build a bigger audience for your website or blog. 

10.  Get checks in the mail from Google.  (Or have the money wired directly to your bank account.)  But don't spend the money before you get it!  It can take weeks or even months before your online publishing efforts begin to pay off.  You have to have a large readership before you will earn any substantial amount of money.

All this may sound complicated, but actually it is quite simple and fun once you get started.

How to make money selling stuff online, go here.

Information about publishing using a blog, go here.

Information about how to use Twitter to build an audience, go here

Information about improving your website's search engine ranking, go here. 

NOTE:  All names on this site have been changed to protect individual privacy.  
The stories are real, the names are not. 

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