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Making Money Selling Things Online

There are two ways to make money on the internet and neither of them take a rocket scientist or internet wizard to do them.

1. Sell things. 

2. Publish information online.   (For more about publishing information online go here.)

 Let's start with selling stuff to make money online.  First of all you have to have merchandise to sell.  

You can make it--for example, hand-crafted soap or custom-built birdhouses.   

Or you can buy your merchandise either used or new and mark it up to sell and make a profit.  For example, t-shirts or watches or electronic gadgets. 

Or you can sell software or digital books from a website where people download it directly. 

Ebay, Craigs List, Cafe Press and more

Ebay is, obviously, a primary internet center for selling items online.  But it is not the only one.  There are people who swear by selling on Craig's List.  Others sign up for an Amazon or  Yahoo online store to sell their goods and make money.   Or put their items in a shop on etsy, which specializes in sales of hand-made items.  Others make money regularly from sales at Cafe Press.  (At Cafe Press you design your own merchandise online and they will provide an online store/catalog for your to list and sell your items.)

The biggest secret to successful selling online is specialization--whether you are buying sports equipment to resell on ebay or creating clever cat t-shirts for sale on Cafe Press.   Focus on merchandise that you already know about or are willing to learn more about if you are serious about making money online.  

What you write and show will make a difference in your sales

Present the items in your online shop with very detailed descriptions of each one.  Even if you include a photo, describe the color, the size, the brand name, etc.  And make it sound desirable!  Be sure you post photos--multiple photos if possible--of what you are selling.  (Digital cameras are cheap.)   

A Real Life Retirement:

Sam, a retired real estate agent, sells watches on ebay.  Every Saturday he scours garage sales looking for specific brands of watches.  And he only buys these specific brands and only for low prices. He knows from experience that brand name merchandise sells on ebay.  He also avoids some famous brand watches, such as Rolex, because there are far too many fakes around.  Sam's online watch business makes enough money to allow him and his wife to take extra vacations every year.

The price better be right

Price the items you're selling correctly.  If you price something to high, it won't sell. Price it too low and you won't make enough money to make the effort worthwhile.  Fortunately, you can easily adjust prices up and down with an online store until you find the right price.

It is also vitally important to learn how much you can afford to spend acquiring your merchandise.

 And always remember this:  you are in a profit-making business.  Your online internet store is not just a reason to shop for fun stuff you like that might sell someday to someone.   Your goal is to make money online.

Setting up your own individual website store

A few words about setting up a separate internet website on your own to sell things.  These days you can get a free pre-designed website at Google and very cheap ones at a lot of other places.   Because they are pre-designed, all you have to do is fill in the words and pictures about whatever it is you are selling.  However, this may not be the best solution for you.

Most people who have been selling online successfully for a long time have said that they started off selling on one of the big online internet sales sites.  Only later, when they began to have loyal, repeat customers, did they set up their own separate website.   New separate websites usually do not attract enough visitors to generate a lot of sales.  The big online sales sites, like ebay or Craigs List, have millions of visitors every month.   And millions of people mean you have a better chance of selling your goods and making real money online.

For secrets to becoming an online information publisher go here.

Information about publishing using a blog, go here.

For information about using Twitter to build and audience, go here.

Information about improving your website's search engine ranking, go here. 

NOTE:  All names on this site have been changed to protect individual privacy.  
The stories are real, the names are not. 

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