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Making money online with a blog

There are basically two ways to make money online: Sell stuff or publishing information on a website or blog.

Setting up a blog is as easy as pie.  You can do it in less than 5 minutes--no programming knowledge required.   Take a quick look at either of my two new blogs: Misadventures in E-Publishing  Or LACityPix. I set both of them up in a flash!

 Making money from a blog, however, is quite a bit more challenging.  And it may take months before you see much income at all.  The biggest challenge is to find readers who will regularly visit your blog.

As a blogger, you would be a new member of the world of online journalism, providing information to your readers on a regular basis.  Your blog would essentially be an online magazine or guide. Some bloggers post new photos, new information daily, some hourly, some weekly and some--well, whenever they feel like it. 

To be successful, you should publish often and your  information had better be interesting and newsworthy or you will have few people, besides your family and friends, reading your blog. 

Experience shows that successful blogs usually have very narrow topics: gardening tips for a specific city, ranch house recipes, local sporting events, local or unusual travels, local politics etc.  (There are so many people ranting about national politics online now that it has become a saturated field, so unless you have a totally new idea, avoid it.)

How to build a readership base for your blog

The wisest plan, if you are serious about trying to make money from a blog, is to spend time in the beginning developing a very large following of readers.  You will need thousands--tens of thousands of readers--to earn any significant amount of money from a blog.  The first thing you must do to build that universe of loyal readers is to create a terrific, memorable, provocative and/or useful blog.  And then tweet about it On a separate page there is information about using Twitter.  The Huffington Post uses Twitter, and so does every other newspaper with blogs on this planet.  So should you!

So how do you make money with your blog?  

Your revenue will come from the ads on your blog.  You can either sell advertising in your local market or sign up with a company, like Google, that provides ads to blogs and websites.  The service at Google is called Adsense.  You can sign up for it for free.  Other companies, such a Chikita, also provide ads.   Then, when your readers click on the ads, you earn money.  

A Real Life Retirement:

 Since retiring as a writer, Jan  turned her skills to the internet and developed 9 websites and 2 blogs.  She makes money from the websites and next to nothing from the blogs.   In fact, she has essentially abandoned the blogs to spend her time doing further website development. 

Where you can get a free blog

Several companies provide blogging programming and/or service.  Among them are Google's, and  Each of these three companies' blog services has its strengths and weaknesses.  One of the benefits of Google's is that incorporating Google Adsense ads simply takes a click of the mouse. If you have a free Woodpress site you cannot put ads on it.  With a Wordpress paid site, you can put ads on the site. 

For information about becoming an online information publisher using a website, go here.

Information about improving your website's search engine ranking, go here. 

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