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Fun Ways for Retirees to Earn Extra Cash 

Making extra cash--walking around money--after retirement can be a source of fun as well as funds.   Most of the ones listed below are part time and all are real.  We know retirees doing every single one of them and most are a result of hobbies or personal interests--rather than previous employment.    And there are more.

(If you are looking for a more substantial income after retirement, we have very different advice for you on our Best Retiree Job page.)

coin dealer montrose market

1.  Collectible Seller.  Ebay is so obvious that we hesitate to mention it, but the reality is that people do make money by selling things on it.  Two retirees, Marge and Joan,  both single women, began by selling some odds and ends from their homes on eBay and ended up becoming authorities on collectible linens and china.  Now they search garage sales, tag sales and estate sales for new items to sell.  Neither of them is retiring to the Caribbean on the money they make but the extra cash comes in handy.  And they love prowling through other people's stuff.  Their secret to Ebay success is identifying a niche and specializing in it.

In the open air market in this photo, collectible ancient Roman coins attract buyers' attention.

2.  Tool Reseller.  We have also heard of a couple of men who purchase used tools at garage sales and resell them for a very good profit at swap meets.  Sometimes the tools are in good condition and sometimes they are so old they are almost antiques.   The former are sold to bargain hunters who want working-condition tools.   The latter have a different market: collectors.   If you are not comfortable with swap meets or flea markets, Craigs List is a good place to advertise.

 3.  Sports Equipment Reseller.  In some areas of the country, Los Angeles among them, there are stores that specialize in buying used sports equipment in good condition.  Scouting out lightly used sports equipment at garage sales and reselling them to the stores has potential for generating some extra cash.  

And here are suggestions 4 to 6

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The stories are real, the names are not. 

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