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More Fun Sources of Extra Cash for Retirees

Have some fun.  Make extra money.  That could be the mantra for many retirees who just want some additional pocket money.  So we have some ideas for you.  All of our suggestions come from retirees who have turned a hobby into money--a great idea!  To read all of them starting with Number 1, go here.

(If you are looking for a more substantial income after retirement, we have very different advice for you on our Best Retiree Job page)

7.  The Pie Lady.  Peggy had a great reputation among her friends for her home made pies.   She even won some awards at the county fair.  After doing some calculations about how much money she would need when she retired, she realized she needed more.  So--you know where this is going, but there is an unexpected decision--before she retired she came up with a name for her new pie-making business, got business cards and checked out local health department requirements. 

She started selling pies to friends right away for birthdays and other parties.  And told them about her plans to expand once she retired.  As soon as she left her full time job as an office manager, she  approached local businesses about pies for parties.  ("Cake?" she often says.  "Who wants cake when you could eat a delicious coconut cream pie?  And you can put  candles on it, too!") 

Her latest effort:  teaching pie-making to pre-teen and teenage girls.   Friends and family have encouraged her to start selling pies on the internet but she has said "No, it would take too much of my time.  I'd have to set up a factory and work 12 hours a day."   She earns enough locally and wants to continue to have free time to do other things with her life.   

8.  Children's Entertainer.  A homemaker, Ann,  whose husband had finally retired and was at home all the time, decided she should get out of the house and become a children's party entertainer.  She developed a Mother Goose costume and a goose hand puppet so she could entertain and tell stories to the children at birthday parties.  She handed out her new business cards, posted some in local coffee shops and stores and soon had bookings.  

Several other local women, not retired, also do this kind of work.  One has a Hawaiian theme where she comes dressed in a hula skirt and tells Hawaiian stories, plays recorded Hawaiian music and teaches the children to do hula dances wearing the paper leis she provides. 

The other one comes as a Fairy Godmother and she, too, tells stories.  She also leads the children in making big soap bubbles and some group games. 

You need to develop about one hour of entertainment and activities, if you want to be a children's party entertainer.  And earn $50 to $200 for that time!

Suggestion 9

To start with suggestion  No. 1, go here.

NOTE:  All names on this site have been changed to protect individual privacy.  The stories are real, the names are not. 


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