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Turn your hobbies into extra retirement cash

Hobbies and personal interests can be turned into extra cash income for retirees.  Usually it takes only part time work doing something you enjoy to make additional "walking around money".   

All 10 extra cash suggestions come from retirees who are already making these ideas work.   As we have mentioned often, the stories on this website are true--and if another retiree can do it, so can you! (To begin at #1, go here.)

 10.  Book 'Em.  If you are a booklover, you may have a sizeable personal library.  The most obvious thing to do to pick up some extra cash is to sell your books online.  But the return is absolutely miserable!  On Amazon you will find listings of used books selling for a fraction of the price of a brand new one shown on the same page.  And if you go to other online sites where individuals are selling their own personal libraries the situation is even worse.  Books listed for sale at these sites--even ones in perfect condition--sell for pennies, literally!

But we know a retired man, John, who is making a very tidy income selling used books and he has been doing it for years.   It is quite simple: he does not sell books online, he buys them online for a few cents or, at the most, a dollar, plus postage.  Then turns around and sells them at three upscale open air markets in Southern California.  In his portable bookstall under a large white canopy is a sign that reads:  "No Book Over $5".  

Over the years he has developed knowledge of exactly what types of books his buyers want.  Plus every book is in perfect new condition or very close to it.  Moreover, his bookstall is a major attraction at the open air markets he participates in.  Many parents come to the market for vegetables and to buy a book for themselves.  They also let their children pick out one from his $1 book children's book table.

You can even earn money with garlic while traveling!

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