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Get busy and have fun in retirement 

Keep in mind that  you have another 20 years to live, so today is the best day to get going on your new life with activities that are fun and valuable to your personal world and the larger world around you.  To start at the beginning of our list of retiree fun stuff click here.

 4.  A Trip Down Memory Lane.   For many of us, Elvis Presley was the rock star of our teen years. So take a trip down memory lane and visit his home in Memphis. And if you are thinking "Oh, I can't do that.  It would be too embarrassing" -- consider the fact that Paul Simon in his mid-life wrote an entire album about his visit to this shrine of his youth.  He wasn't embarrassed at all and neither should you be. 

A  trip along "Memory Lane" can be lots of fun whether it is visiting Graceland, stopping by the high school you attended, or some other place from your young years. Be sure to take lots of photos and create a book online at of your memories.  Your grandchildren will cherish your memories of your early years!

5. Volunteer for the Special Olympics.  There are local Special Olympic programs around the country and the world and they welcome volunteers.  You do not have to have a sports background to help this incredibly worthwhile effort.  Check it out here.

6.  Take Vegetarian Cooking Classes.  Vegetarian cooking is not just beans and broccoli.  In fact, we took an international vegetarian cooking class where neither one of those vegetables ever appeared on the menus.  (In our opinion, the Indian recipes were the best.)  Not only is vegetarian food delicious, it is good for you.  When you sign up for the classes set a goal of being able to prepare two healthy vegetarian dinners for yourself each week.  Setting and reaching new goals is an important way to avoid boredom.

More retiree fun ideas 

NOTE:  All names on this site have been changed to protect individual privacy. The stories are real, the names are not. 

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