Real Life Retirement:  what real people are doing after age 55 
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A Senior travel bestseller  

senior travel for fun ebook cover Retired and eager to travel but only have a shoe-string budget? In this guide you will learn, step-by-step, fun ways to earn extra money while you're traveling. Yes! Money can be flowing into your bank while you are on the road.

You'll also find out how to live for free in National Parks in the U.S. and abroad, even in big cities like London or Sydney. And say 'Hello' to rent-free vacations in tropical beachfront homes. Then learn techniques to use to fly to those places for free.

More interested in enriching your spiritual life and earning the goodwill of others now that you are retired? Learn about ways and places to do meaningful volunteer work around the world.  

And if you are worried about age discrimination--no problem. There are vacation companies actively seeking Seniors for seasonal employment.  Your age can be an advantage!

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